Update 0,Jun 9, 2023


When I look at the environment for me to get things done, when I just open my phone or computer, I'm presented with a screen with plethora of apps or a URL bar that can take me anywhere. That's like trying to get work done inside of a mall where I'm sitting next to an Arcade, Auntie Anne's, a strip club.
On top of that, I have these notifications that get pushed to me. By default, the most frequent of these notifications serve the agenda of businesses that have created these apps.
Technology can powerfully pull for our attention and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. What if we could harness that power and put it in the hands of our higher selves.

In One Sentence

Intention is an AI companion that keeps you intentional as you get things done.

In More Sentences

Imagine as you sit down at your computer, your AI companion asks you “What would you like to accomplish in this session?”
You can’t open your browser or navigate to any URLS or even open any apps, you just simply are presented with this question, which you can speak out loud.
The conversation may look like this:
Companion: What would you like to accomplish in this session? Me: I want to finish writing this post for the blog Companion: Great! What are the specific achievements and results of this session? Me: I have fully written and shipped the blog post. Companion: How long would you like to have for this session? Me: Let’s go until 2:30pm. Companion: What are the ways of being you embodied as you are writing this blog post? Me: Feeling excited and connected! Companion: Beautiful! Let’s start with a 1 minute meditation. Go ahead and close your eyes and let your awareness be open and relaxed… When you’re ready let me know what you’re going to do first Me: Ok, I’m going to first open up Notion and just start typing stream of consciousness Companion: Great! Me: Oh god, what if they hate this? Companion: Yeah, there’s something in you that’s worried that they won’t like the blogpost. Me: Yeah. I’m feeling pretty nervous about it. Companion: Let’s take a pause for a moment, and notice where you feel that in your body. Me: It’s in my stomach and I notice my head feels a bit tense…


Website Launched 🚀

After starting to build the website friday evening, it’s finally launched!

Wizard of Oz Sessions

  • I’ve had 13 Wizard of Oz sessions with my wife and 1 Wizard of Oz session with a friend

Next Steps

  • Take what you’ve learned from the Wizard of Oz sessions and do some very basic paper prototyping it in Figma and begin to build it in the fastest, leanest way possible
  • Continue to publish an update every 3 weeks
  • More wizard of Oz Sessions